The teamOrvion was founded in 2013. Our team has 15 years of experience in Water- and Environmental technology, Microbiology and Chemistry.

Our vision and goals
In the second decenium of the 21st century we face an important chalenge: How to bring harmony between human development and a sustainable future for our environment? In Orvions vision the answer lies in nature itself. Natural processes can be great examples in the use of finite recources. Also, Natural processes can be utilised to recycle recources in a more sustainable manner.

The name Orvion is derived from ‘Orbis Vita’, meaning ‘circle of life’. Orvion’s logo is build up of a chain of 6 circles: a schematic representation of the settling tanks on a waste water treatment plant. In a settling tank the active biomass is separated from the water to be fed back into the bioreactor. Keeping the biomass in the system – or Biomassretention – is the essence of biological watertreatment technology.

Orvion-met-tekst-kleur bijgewerkt

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