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The initial rate for one ORVIdetect sample is € 180,- per groundwater sample, on each sample multiple analyses can be performed, per analysis the additional cost will be as specified in the table below.

Analysis Targetorganism(s) Analysis costs (ex VAT)
(€ 180,- +…)
Number of grondwater samples
ORVIdetect DHC Dehalococcoides spp. € 50,-
ORVIdetect VC vcrA and bvcA € 100,-
ORVIdetect DHB Dehalobacter spp. € 50,-
ORVIdetect BAC Alle Bacteriesoorten € 50,-

When you are planning multiple analysis in the near future, consider a pre-order and get a discount on the quotation.

Our ORVIaugment products are available in quantities of 10 litre. If you need help deciding the proper amount of culture to be augmented, or you wish to rent a augmentationunit, please let us know by requesting this in the contact form below, And we will gladly help you out.

Culture Species Cost/Litre (ex VAT) Number of litres (multiples of 10L)
ORVIaugment DHC Dehalococcoides spp. €150,-
ORVIaugment DHB Dehalobacter spp. €150,-

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