ORVIdetect – microbial analyses

qPCR analyse samples to determine dechlorinating bacteriaOrder your ORVIdetect q-PCR analyses to answer the following questions:
• Are the right bacteria for enhanced reductive remediation naturally present on my site?
• Does the number of specific bacteria increase as a result of degradation and/or stimulation by augmentation?
• Did the Augmented biomass end up in right location?
• Is the remediation progressing as planned?

Our microbial quantifications make use of the qPCR technique , in which micro-organisms are being detected and quantified based on their genetic material (DNA).

We offer the following ORVIdetect q-PCR Analyses

Analysis Target Organism/gene For the Degradation of…
ORVIdetect DHC Dehalococcoides spp. Chlorinated ethenes such as PER, TRI cis-DCE and VC
ORVIdetect VC Vinylchloride reductase Vinylchloride (VC)
ORVIdetect DHB Dehalobacter spp. Chlorinated methanes (e.g. chloroform) and chlorinated ethanes (1,1,1-TCA)
ORVIdetect BAC Total Bacteria Broad Screening of all bacterial Biomass

Pre-ordering your analyses for the coming months means we can give you a discount on analysis costs. Contact us for further details
When you order 10 analyses or more, consider pre-ordering.

Go to the Quotation page to get an overview of the analyses and pricing.
Click here, if you would like to know more about the specific species we are able to analyze.


After you have ordered analyses, we will send you the appropriate sampling material, which you can then use to sample your groundwater. The samplebottles contain a preservative so that the samples do not have to be cooled during transport. Within five workdays after we recieve the samples you will get a digital certificate containing the analysis results.


Background information on enhanced reductive dechlorination
Background information on the qPCR analysis technique
List of all available ORVIdetect analyses

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