ORVIaugment – cultures

Augment bags for easy distribution of augmentation material

Order your ORVIaugment bio-augmentation concentrate with high numbers of dechlorinating bacteria by filling in the form below.

Available dechlorinating concentrates
ORVIaugment DHC: this concentrate contains 107 (10 million) Dehalococcoides cells per millilitre that degrade PCE, TCE, cis-DCE and VC to the harmless end product ethene.

ORVIaugment DHB: We are currently developing an augmentation concentrate that contains high concentrations of Dehalobacter species able to degrade 1,1,1-TCA and 1,1-DCA as well as chloroform. Contact us for further information.


  • You can order our bio-augmentation concentrates in multiples of ten litres.
  • The concentrates are delivered in easy-to-use bags.
  • Our standard turnaround time is 7 weeks, although smaller volumes may be available directly.
  • Before delivery we always verify the quantity of specific dechlorinating bacteria that are in the concentrate by qPCR, these results are included with the delivery.
  • 50% of costs are billed after we have received your order confirmation. The remaining 50% is billed after delivery of the concentrate. Costs for delivery are not included in the price.

Please click the link below if you need help with the following:

  • Calculating the amount of concentrate needed for you location
  • Augmentation equipment to get your concentrate in the ground

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